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You don't need OG to get a Q50
November 08 | 2018
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I used All-in-one 51 course of Math Revolution and a 3 hour private tutoring with Hee Jean. I scored a score of 50 in Quant. I cannot emphasize how good the materials and the tutoring are. Before choosing Math Revolution, I studied for 2 months and my scores were between 43-45. After I spent two weeks through their videos, my score instantly improved to 47 (Manhattan CAT). With EP 1&2, I scored between 47-49. The final jump to 50 came from the private tutoring. The explanations were detailed and I would highly recommend Math Rev to anyone who wants to hit the 50s in Quant. I did close to 1000 problems (only Math Revolution) and never touched a OG problem and I got a 50.

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