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To boost Q score from 47 to 50+ in 20 days with Math Revolution


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I've been challenging GMAT yet with Math Revolution and e-gmat, but I wanna share my findings easily to hit 50+ in the Quantitative section with Math Revolution.

Before reaching Q50, I easily got 47/48 within a month, but, as most test takers might feel, there is a huge gap between 47/48 and 50+. I summarized why I could get 50 by dividing 2 parts; preparation for the exam and solution on the exam. Also, I'll introduce Math Revolution to Japanese struggling to boost their scores to 50+.

540 (Q47, V19) April 17, 2016
660 (Q50, V30) June 9, 2016

At the end of April, I've started learning with Math Revolution for Q and e-gmat for V.

- I'm Japanese, so relatively good at Mathematics
- Had easily reached Q47, 48 with a basic course for Japanese and GMAT Review, but struggled to get over 50
- Achieved 50 around a month by taking the Short Cut 51 course in Math Revolution
*Precisely, net 20 days; the first 14 days for basic study from the starting (3 hours a day) and the last 6 days for review of methods and Extraordinary questions for the exam (2-3 hours a day)

Fortunately, I read that 50+ achievers recommended Math Revolution, and the course is reasonable.
- You can SIGNIFICANTLY save time with unique approaches called IVY approach and Variable approach regardless of the level of difficulty
- You can boost scores with Extraordinary questions arranged for your GMAT because you may find 5-7 VERY similar questions in the exam

1. Course
I selected the Short Cut 51 course, but since I didn't have enough time to complete all subdivided courses, I only took several sections to improve weaknesses as below and leaned how I should approach each question mainly with images for shortcut (*Courses also provide lecture videos).
*Sections I selectively took
- Absolute Value, Integer, and Theory in DS+PS (Basic course)
- Math Secrets
- some of the sections in "Advanced"
- Practice Test

Even if you wanna get basic skills, I guess Math Revolution is suitable because each course is well-constructed and easily understand methods/approaches.

2. For each content
- Learned how I should approach by solving each question
- Reviewed methods, approaches, and equations in 2-3 days before the exam
- Asked Math Revolution to get Extraordinary questions for the exam before the 3 days from it, and memorized questions including methods/approaches by solving problems

DON'T forget asking to send Extraordinary questions!!

3. On the morning of the exam
- Reviewed all Extraordinary questions

So, you should leave at least 3 days to complete Extraordinary questions.

I guess most test takers around Q45/49 overlook some conditions as below.
1. During the first tutorial, make memos about conditions which I must pay attention
- fractions range: 0- ranges: limited ranges by conditions, zero (include 0 or not)
- sings and units: - (minus), %, cm (centi meter), miles, yard, minute, hour, and so
- distinct words: prime, distinct, different, integer, must be, could be, positive/negative, and so

2. Jot down the conditions before setting about a question
- i.g. "x is an inter greater than 0" => x>0, i ("i" denotes "integer")

3. Take aim at a choice with IVY approach/Variable approach, and then tackle the question
4. Before clicking the next button, check conditions again

Thanks to methods/approaches, I finished the Q section before 10 minutes from the end and started making memos for V section.

I hope some can find clues to hit 50+.

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