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Recommend this brilliant course for quant score improvment!


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Course Math Revolution All-In-One Basic

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I spent close to 3 months preparing for my first attempt and ended up scoring a measly 44 on quant. This was way below my expectations and I figured I needed something that would help me polish my foundation but does not require me to sit through a 100 course. That is when I stumbled upon Math Revolution.
After taking up the trial, I immediately signed up. What I loved about this course is that it prepares you at the GMAT level of questions. The courses I took up earlier were either too heavy and did not match the style or difficulty level of GMAT questions, both of which suck time out and may not lead to the desired results. I am a working professional and I did not have the luxury of taking 2 weeks off to study for GMAT.
The Math revolution approach was to the point and very crisp. I believe anyone can sit through the course for 4-6 weeks and get a 5 point improvement.
Their 24/7 support was really helpful to clarify my doubts. Thank you to Max and Team for building a good quality product and for their support! Recommend this especially those who are repeaters and want to make most in a short span of time.

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