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Best Quant material one could find!!!


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Course Math Revolution All-In-One Basic

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After being frustrated by my first exam, I decided to focus on quant and purchased the all-in-one 51 course from MR and it was the best decision I made in preparing for the exam!

MR has an organized and clear objective - improve your quant score; it does so by offering you exam tips. You don't need to be a maths whiz to score high, as long as you follow its suggestions on how to tackle the questions.

The VA approach they created for DS questions are the best, and it helped me defeat my fear with them. Moreover, they always reply to your emails with 12-24 hours, which is very helpful when you are stuck on a particular topic or question.

3 days before the exam, don't forget to send them an email and they will send you a personalised questions bank to better prepare yourself for the exam. I wish I had made the purchase early on and I believe that it would further improve my scores.

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