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Has your quant score plateaued? This is your answer.


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Today I took the GMAT and scored a 710 (Q50, V35). I can't quite describe the emotion, but I have a lot of gratitude for the people who have helped me along the way.

I started my journey over 6 months ago. I practice with the classic with Manhattan books + took the live online course. It got me to a 650...but I needed something else to get me over the hump.

I started at a Q42, then eventually moved to the Q46/Q47 level (took 4 months to get here). I plateaued. I just felt like there wasn't enough time to tackle this section... But people all over the world were getting their dream scores, so why couldn't I? I had to change my approach. My confidence was low, but I was willing to put in in the time to get it right. One day I was practicing a very difficult math problem and I couldn't understand how to solve this problem in less than 2 mins. I was like there is no way... I stumbled on an answer from Math Revolution. They approached this problem through their proprietary ivy approach - i mean it was far from conventional standards, but it allowed one to solve the problem within 1.5 mins. I went on their site and gave their free videos a shot. I sent a few emails to their customer service team and they were extremely responsive. They had this genuine willingness to help students, which stood out.

Within a day I bought the Short-Cut 51. I knew if I improved a couple of things with PS and heavily improved my accuracy for DS, then I could reach my goal of Q49/50. I went hard on the DS. I watched all the videos on my iPhone and it changed the way I approached DS problems forever. Their variable approach and extremely unique and efficient when you're in a time crunch. For example, on my real exam I was left with 6 mins and had 8 problems to go! I finished. Why? the variable approach. I could see through the tricks the test taker was throwing at me - I can't quite articulate this well, but you have to trust their approach and you'll see the results. When I saw the 50 on the screen I was amazed. Math Revolution team, thank you. Thank you for creating a very innovative approach to tackling the math section.

I started at a v26 and eventually got a V35. What changed? e-GMAT. Just trust their study plan and you will achieve your target score. I didn't get enough time to complete the course, but it helped a TON (esp. when it came to SC and CR). The course taught me to trust the process and once you trust the process everything will start coming together. I had a specific framework of how I would approach SC, CR, and RC problems. I just stayed true to that.

Friends, don't give up. It's tough, I know. Stay persistent and focused. This test isn't about the number of hours you throw at it but it's about knowing the basics very very well and having the confidence and belief that you can beat the test. The moment you tie this test's results to your self-worth, you'll tunnel yourself. Release that pressure and you'll achieve your goal.

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