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Course Math Revolution All-In-One Basic

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Math Revolution has a strong base concept that helps you to understand the thinking behind GMAT tests. The base concept itself was very helpful in steering my mind towards the correct answers. I found the math test to be a lot easier after only 10 days of studying the concepts. However, I did end up retaking the test 3 weeks later and received a 46 on the quant instead of the original 49. I was still looking at Math Revolution but it just didn't help as much then.

I would suggest taking this program 2 weeks before the test. If you have studied a lot before and have a decent understanding of the concepts, this program will layer on the last brick you need to ensure a high quant score.

However, with that being said, there are some downsides. The program itself doesn't have a lot of questions. Though they take the time to hone in the concepts, the explanations are not that great. I had to contact the staff multiple times for proper explanations to their questions. Even with the staff's explanation, I had to take the time to figure it out because their explanations were short and not as helpful.

Also, they have a set of key questions and extraordinary questions that are suppose to help ensure that you can at least get a 49. These aren't that helpful. You are better off looking at other material. They are a waste of time.

Overall, the program is worth it because of their baseline concept. After this, there isn't much that is helpful here. Although the staff is friendly, what you're really paying for here is the DS + PS theory. You can get a free trial and hear the theory without paying. That itself may be far more valuable if you already have a storng math foundation. Otherwise, just fork up the money for some extra math questions.

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