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Hi all,

If you happen to read my previous post entitled “Math Revolution – My great helper to attain Q50”, I am here again to share with you my achievement in December last year. I accidentally deleted my old post so I will attach it below.

Regarding my current GMAT score, I earned 680 (Q49, V34). Though my quant score is lower by 1 point compared to last time, I am still thankful and want to give credits to Math Revolution. Three days prior to the test date, I spent time solving 700+ level math problems purchased from Math Revolution – the institution has recently developed these problems – and reviewing prime techniques acquired from the one-month “Short Cut 51” course. Thanks to these materials I attained a solid Q49. As mentioned in my old review, learning variable approach for DS and IVY approach for PS helps me solve math problems with ease, speed, and accuracy; as a result I received Q49 for the first time after the “All-in-one 51” course. With minimum review this time, I could still maintain a relatively strong quant score. This result shows how reliable Math Revolution is. I could have maintained Q50 or earned Q51, if I had spent adequate time for math. Besides, I spent 28 days honing my verbal skill by using E-GMAT materials, which I could cover 70 percent prior to the test date. My verbal score improved by 4 points, so too did my time management. I will be re-taking the test next week to cross the 700 bar. Hence, I will keep this post short and come back here to provide detailed explanation of my preparation for both quant and verbal. For those of you who are still hesitating, I urge you to register Math Revolution. Regardless of your current math skills, I guarantee you can hit great score after taking courses from this institution. Before I end this note, I would like to thank Max, Jin, and JH Lim for you guys’ incessant supports as always.

“Math Revolution – My great helper to attain Q50 - November 07, 2016

I started preparing for the GMAT test at the end of 2014. I did some research to find the appropriate GMAT Online Prep course and finally decided to take the online live course from Manhattan GMAT. It was a 9-session course in that each session lasted for three hours. Despite the good reviews on this institute, the course did not help maximize my performance on the quantitative section. After completing the 27 hours from Manhattan GMAT, I continued to study on my own and took my first test on July 23, 2015. My quantitative score was 45. During this first test, I did not have enough time to solve the last 7 questions and ended up guessing them all. Dissatisfied with the result, I kept on preparing for the test, using Manhattan GMAT textbooks and OG. I re-took the test in late October and late November last year and the scores were 47 and 48 respectively. Each time, I again suffered with time management.

After 1 year and 76 days spent for my self-study using Manhattan GMAT and OG, my math score was still hovering around 47 and 48. I realized that I needed to change my strategy and began to seek for help. Fortunately, my university mentor introduced Math Revolution to me; I started its “All-in-one 51” course immediately from November 23, 2015. It was a comprehensive 3-month course that changed my performance. Variable approach for DS and IVY approach for PS, created by Mr. Max Lee, are very unique. I could solve math problems using these approaches with ease, speed, and accuracy. Especially, "variable approach for DS" is incomparable solutions that anyone can hit great score regardless of his or her existing math skills. For most DS questions, one can solve them in less than 1 minute using this variable approach. Those are techniques I could never learn from Manhattan GMAT. I re-took the test in March this year and earned 49 on math. Notably, I finished the quant section 4 minutes earlier. I was busy after taking the test in March; I took a break for a while and then, aiming higher (scoring 50 or 51), I enrolled in the one-month “Short Cut 51”. I decided to take GMAT a few days ago. I was able to finish all math problems in 73 minutes and scored 50 finally. Thanks to incessant efforts of Max and the Math Revolution team, I succeeded to get this score. Their personalized support is something that I could not ask for more. If you desire to conquer Q50 or Q51, I highly recommend you to register Math Revolution courses immediately. Don’t wait, just do it!”

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