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Excellent course


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Course Math Revolution All-In-One Basic

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I was very skeptical in the beginning about what to expect from this course. Earlier I have spent around $1000 for a very well-known course and the result was a complete waste of money and time. Tried the short-cut 51 and my quant score increased by 5 points. I am wondering now that if I took the full course I could have improved even more. For those who want to maximize their quant score, please subscribe to Math Rev. and no other company. Also have the GMAT official guide. Follow the instructions of Math Rev. and do every problem set diligently. Also, keep doing the official guide and take practice tests from GMAC website. 3-4 days before the exam, try the extraordinary questions, official guide problems, and test problems from free tests from GMAC website. These should be enough to get to the target score. I am really grateful to Math Rev. for the great test prep materials at such a reasonable price.

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