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MATHREVOLUTION IS AWESOME. Hands down one of the most intuitive test prep company dedicated for quant. Without MR I would never have been able to consistently stabilize my quant score at Q49 in TWO EXAMS. I think that's crazy. Before I was always hovering around 44 - 47 in my mocks.

MR is good for both beginners and advanced learners of math. However, it is good to have a foundation on basic arithmetic first before you go down with math revolution.

What MR did greatly was taught me how to analyze the GMAT questions, breaking them down to pieces and chunks. This allowed me to tackle the question in such a way that reduced the amount of mistakes I had committed earlier. The ivy approach and the variable approach allowed me to do questions in less than a minute (the ones I already know would pop up). This has been a huge time saver for me.

The one thing that got me recommending math revolution to everyone is the dedicated section on how GMAT quant traps you. No other test prep does this! This allowed me to have intelligent guesses on questions I have no clue of how to do and avoid really stupid mistakes.

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