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Very helpful content for all quant focus topics, strategies to solve the tasks, timing advice, techniques to approach calculations, understandable videos - would recommend! I really liked how the topics were split, video were not too long, simulation tests and taska helpful to check current status within the course. Very good also the daily math tasks which kept me up on training daily. I took my first exam and scored Q50 which was just very amazing. Last time I took the mock-test I got a 33 and there were times when I scored less than 20. I studied with Math Revolution videos after work and it was well worth it! I could feel my math improving as it took less and less time to solve each problems. It took me 4-5 hours to finish the first prep paper you gave us which had 37 questions. But my problem solving speed grew exponentially faster. Your Variable approach for DS is really revolutionary in terms of solving problems quickly and easily, and it is big time saving. I highly recommend all students who are preparing for GMAT to take your course. I recommend them to trust their videos and follow their words. The tips you gave us while watching videos were especially useful. To be honest, I feel I have a lot of room for improvement in my math skills. But with your tips I was able to score such a high score.

For example there was one PS question. The logic was simple but the calculation was complicated and would have taken more than 5 minutes. So I boldly passed the question as I learned. Then the next question I got was a Key Question which I could solve in seconds using the methods you taught us. I respect your tremendous amount of experience on GMAT and it would be a fool of anyone to not listen to your teachings. I am grateful that I was able GMAT within such short period of time. I wish them all a very good luck in their future.

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June 02, 2021

Hi! Thank you for the review. Are the Youtube videos enough, or are there other videos to purchase elsewhere that you would recommend ? Thanks so much!

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