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Eternally grateful to Math Revolution,

It goes without saying that the GMAT is an extremely difficult exam to master not only because you are being tested on convoluted concepts but also because the test is forcing you to make executive decisions on a time crunch, requiring you to have the guts to make an educated guess and move on to the next question. This is much easier said than done. When you are put in this position, it's not just that easy to pick an answer and move on. You are tempted to give all your best to every single problem you are encountering, because for God's sake, the test isn't cheap enough to take repeatedly. And even though you know that the GMAT does not call for 100% accuracy, but for time management, instinctively, you want to answer all the questions correctly because you want that +700 score.

With decades of experience with the GMAT, Max and Math revolution (MR) team understand this point very well. That's why Math Revolution(MR) provide the great solutions of tackling the GMAT questions in a very uniuqe way with time-saving and accuracy.  MR's philosophy and methods are extraordinary and different from those of other online learning platforms or private institutions. Anyone math guru can teach you about theorems, formulas, equations, etc. But not anyone can teach you tricks and tips to be successful on the GMAT because it does not just require mathematical skills. It requires logic and much more than that.

Time management is the key to success on the GMAT. While proving you all the tools to be successful on the GMAT, MR eaches you how to decipher important questions that you ought to answer correctly from less important questions that are just designed to drag you down. Additionally, there is what's called "Key questions (key topics)". If your goal is to score 49 or higher on the quantitative part, you definitely want to get these questions correct. In the lessons, MR also teaches you how to distinguish these questions. Finally, what can be a huge time saver is Max's Variable approach for DS questions. This technique is proven to truncate your time spent on DS questions. It is also amazing that some geometry questions can even be solved within a matter of seconds. I highly recommend you conquer the quantitive section of the GMAT. It will save you time and money, leading you to Q49-51!   Thank you Max and MR team!   

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