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My best decision - Math Revolution


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Course Math Revolution All-In-One Basic

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My ambition to achieve an MBA degree drove me to take the GMAT, but I realized that everything set aside, maths would become a big obstacle to that objective. After multiple attempts, I realized that I needed help from professionals to see better results. Math Revolution was my choice, and I couldn't be more satisfied.

What I would like to emphasize about this program is that it doesn't simply teach maths - it teaches logic and the thought process that is essential in solving the quant problems that the GMAT provides. GMAT isn't looking for calculators; its looking for smart people who can apply logic in solving problems that challenge your normal ways of thinking. Math Revolution comes with perfect though process formulas such as the 'variable approach' for DS, and IVY approach for PS.

Thank you Math Revolution for enlightening me with the logic that not only solved my GMAT issue, but also changed me as a person when approaching problems and issues that require formidable logical thinking (another thing that most likely I will need as a person applying for an MBA)

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