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Just as a little background, I have always been somewhat stronger at Quant than Verbal throughout my education as well as the GMAT. After some studying, I gave my first attempt at the GMAT around September 2015 and scored a 610 (Q47, V27). Although Q47 is a respectable score, I knew I had to take it to the next tier to achieve my goal score. With the high reviews of MathRevolution, I gave it a shot.

From the beginning, MathRevolution is a fantastic resource as I was able to cover all the basic fundamentals of each topic. There is so much information that you cover that you won't miss anything. The program also has so many tricks that I was not aware of which were often time cutting solutions to the problem. This is very important especially for problems you can't seem to find a shortcut to on test day because it gives you extra time to "work" the problem out to get the right answer which is more time consuming. MathRevolution also does an great job differentiating between normal problems and the 50-51 level problems which are the difference maker in scoring 49 or higher. There are only a certain amount of concepts tested which are of this difficulty and once you practice them enough, it becomes easily solvable within 3 minutes. The important thing is to notice these questions so you do not fall into the trap answer that most do.

The most impressive thing was how responsive their customer service was. Jin always responds to any questions or concerns you may have within 24 hours. This is very important especially for questions regarding practice problems because it was important to me to get an answer while the problem was fresh in my head.

A important note is that this course does take some time to get through and to master each section. Of course, this is the case for any program or self study if you plan on getting a high score in Quant. If you are truly aiming for a Quant score of 49 or higher, it is important to understand each section thoroughly until you can recognize the type of problem, understand how to solve it quickly, and execute without making silly mistakes. Also, it is important to go through the OG problems inside and out. MathRevolution goes through each problem with their method on how to solve OG problems which is a fantastic resource since it is the best problems you can find.

All in all, MathRevolution will help you conquer Quant section of the GMAT in a one stop course and uses all the resources necessary, including OG. I highly recommend this course and their great customer service. Remember that conquering Quant is down to practice. I must have practiced somewhere between 1000 to 1500 problems through my preparation. After finishing this course, I never scored under a Q49 on any of the GMATPrep or VertiasPrep exams for the Quant section. I was ultimately able to raise my Quant from the low 40’s on my initial mock exam to a Quantitative 50 on the real GMAT.

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