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I had been considering whether to apply for an MBA for some time but finally made the commitment to start applying at the beginning of July 2018. I am a full-time worker and had to make some sacrifices in order to free up time to study for the GMAT, so I asked some mentors and friends about the best way to study for the exam. I was recommended the Math Revolution All-In-One 51 Course and after watching some of the introductory videos I decided to purchase the course. What a wonderful decision it turned out to be!

I come from an engineering background and work in data analytics so I have a solid foundation in maths skills, and found that my base level was around 45-47 in the Quantitative section. Because of this, I wanted to make sure that the time spent studying Quant was efficient and effective. Within the first 3 weeks of studying, I watched the PS and DS Core Theory videos. I found the PS videos were a great way of revising and laying down the foundations of the formulae and theory I needed to know, whilst the DS videos provided excellent test taking tips and strategies. After sitting the exam for the first time in late July I achieved a score of 48 in the Quant section and 700 overall, but I knew that with a bit more practise I could improve both my Quant and overall scores.

After that I decided that the best way forward was to practise as many questions as I could. The daily quizzes that were sent to my email were a great way to solve a few questions each day, whilst I could also focus on specific areas by going to the 700+ level questions or re-watching some of the PS & DS videos on specific topics that I was struggling with. I personally found it helpful to pause the videos as the question popped up on the screen; attempt to solve the problem myself; watch the solution of the teacher and then compare my methodology and answer to the teacher’s. This helped me to highlight ways to improve my accuracy and reach the correct solution quicker for similar questions.

Within 6 weeks of making the decision to study for the GMAT, I sat the exam again on Friday 17 August 2018 and achieved a score of 50 for the Quantitative section - as well as 760 overall. The Math Revolution course is guaranteed to improve your Quant score if you are willing to work hard and study diligently. The Math Revolution course has high quality study materials and problems and allows you to practise solving the types of questions that you will find in the real exam. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their Quant score.

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