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Definite way to Q5051


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Thank you Math Revolution Team!
I finally finished my GMAT journey with Q50 in the last test.

In May 2018, I took my first GMAT and scored Q42 which made me so embarrassed since I was really good at math during my K12 life as well as the university.

After taking this course, I finally realized that Quants section is not simple math questions I've been easily passed before but very logical questions designed with the simple basis of math. So guideline from Math revolution courses gave me a totally different way of thinking; IVY Approach in PS and Variable Approach in DS.

Max's approach to DS and PS questions gave me two difficult part of improvement; Time efficiency and Accuracy. Once I take the course, I've got 48 in Quant. ESR showed amazing improvement in PS (almost 99% of accuracy) but still lots of slips in DS, especially questions over medium-high difficulty.

So I've reviewed course again with a much focus on DS and took 700 level question pack for further improvement. I was getting more and more confident about its unique Variable approach for DS. Questions were really tricky and more difficult than actual exam but after following the VOD, I've finally got the understanding of the approach.

In the last exam, when I started GMAT with Quant, I realized that I solve each question really comfortable. Believe or not, Once I saw question number 32, I had more than 10 mins left. In the last exam, I've got Q50 and achieved 100% accuracy rate in the first and second set. I

If someone buys it without subscribing their on-demand video course, they may have some difficulties because Math Revolution's approach is very unique. Taking both on-demand video course and 700+ questions is highly recommended.

This could be the very definite way to get 5051 in Quant as well as get 650+, 700+ in the total score.

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