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Helped me to attain 49 and 50 on Math three times in a row


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I scored 45 miserably on my first exam. I felt a great amount of pressure and frustration whenever DS question showed up on the screen. Although I have practiced all the problems of OG and other PREP, I still did not feel the confidence. What also hinges me from getting high scores on the math was bad time management. I kept going back to my answer choices and wasted time for making final decision.

After taking Math Revolution's 700 level question pack, I started to see the power of Variable approach in DS and IVY approach in PS solving. I repeatedly worked on the course via VOD until I could remember the whole question types and the approaches to thw problems. It took some time and a lot of efforts, but then it all worths at the end, especially when you start to see 49 or 50 on your math scores.

It is funny that on my fifth exam, I actually finished the math part with nearly 10 mins remaining and still scored 50. I felt like I have mastered the math finally.

I strongly encourage everyone to take Math Revolution course. If you at least want to score above 48 on Math, do not waste your time and energy on old traditional way of problem solving. Math Rev will take you to the shortcut for sure.

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