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I took GMAT tests for the total three times. Since I graduated from a foreign language high school and majored in BBA, I always had basic fear in math. (OF course, the Math was one of my weak subjects during school years.) However, thanks to the All-in-one course, ever since I took my first exam, I started to be confident in Math itself and earn spare time for studying for a Verbal. I received scores of 50-50-49 in Quanta on three successive exams. And on the Quanta section in my first exam, I even had 10 min. left on the last question!

Since Max Lee was well known for the one-of-a-kind lecturer in GMAT world, I had no doubt to choose his course. With his unique approach to questions, he allowed me to fully understand each type of concept and question in a really clear and easy way. I heard from him that he majored in Math and spent his whole life in Math education. The more I studied with his video lecture, the more I became understand why and how he could teach so efficiently and became popular.

I highly recommend those experiencing difficulties with GMAT score to take this course. It may sound a little bit exaggerated, but it would be a loss in time if you don't have a chance to take this course. This is mainly because students who prepare for MBA do not usually have sufficient time spending on preparing for a test due to their hectic work. The time saved and the score improved will prove you how much your investment worth it!!

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