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Hold back no more: Quickest and proven way to +50 on the Quant.


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A journey to +700 on the GMAT was definitely no easy one; not only did it take numerous attempts, costing me thousands of dollars, but it also took a psychological toll as there seemed to be no correlation between the amount of effort and time spent and the scores. The hardest thing about this journey was when my score dropped despite the my seemingly increased knowledge and skills.

Here is my take on the GMAT:
On the GMAT, time is of the essence. I say this because time management can break or make your score. It is the pressure/stress that is caused from poor time management that throws off a lot of test takers. The common cliches from high scorers goes like this: "don't be a perfectionist", "skip what you don't know", or something along this line.
BUT, by nature, guessing on a questions is pretty dreadful when you know you have only 8 chances to get the score you want and you have paid $250 to take the test.

In this sense, here is where Math Revolution can be a great help. The lessons not just prepare you for hard questions that you might encounter on the test, but based on his proprietary methods (variable approach), teach you how to make logical, educated guesses, the accuracy of which is proven and significant. Get this guys, I have never scored above 45 prior to taking the lesson on Math Revolution, nor have I been good at math. If I can do this, so can you. Whether you are at a beginner or intermediate level, Math Revolution will pave the way to your success on the GMAT.

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