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Train your ears for quant traps


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Course Math Revolution All-In-One Courses

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Math Revolution is by far the most innovative quant course with new methods to avoid traps.
Learning the course will help you understand the mindset of those who create GMAT quant questions and learn by heart their favorite traps. Therefore, you can foresee how they want us to lose points during a question. This is especially important if you want to break Q49-51.
Because I was in a rush, I could not finish the course as much as I wanted. If so, I believed my score would have been much higher.
If you want a quant score of 49-51, this course is a must!

January 10, 2020

Few questions I would like to ask about Math Revolution.

1. I am very weak in mathematics, therefore, I need to strengthen my basic first. So, I'd like to know would Math Revolution help me strength my math basic.

2. Does Math Revolution provide live sessions or it only provides tutorials?

3. Does it contain weekly exams to understand the progress of a student?

4. If I'm enrolled here, can I have live sessions to clear my doubts?

5. If I'm enrolled here, would it start from the
very beginning?

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