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I enjoyed Daily Quiz !
January 25 | 2017
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Because of my job, it is quite difficult to study regularly. When I got home and I tried to study but
I was lazy to open the videos or the book again. But thanks to Math Revolution’s Daily Quiz,
I don’t need to prepare anything!! I just checked my email on my cell phone and I solved 5
Questions every night. Of course, to get a high score, I needed to make extra efforts but I think
that daily habit for math is also very important to make good score.
I also studied Math Revolution’s online course and 700+level questions. Daily Quiz was still one of
reasons I could hit a great score (Q50). The format of quiz is like actual exam type.
They send 5 questions via emails every day except weekends. Sometime, I solve all of them over the weekend if I was on business trip during the weekdays. Anyway, I liked Daily quiz a lot.

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