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Math Revolution Private Tutoring


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Course Math Revolution Private Tutoring

Instructor Jae Baek

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I purchased the All-in-One 51 package with 6hr of private tutoring from Math Revolution. I worked with Jae Baek as my tutor for the sessions. I had taken the GMAT previously and was not able to score over a 47 on quant. I wanted to do private tutoring since I had already done a lot of self-study and want personalized attention to help me improve my score. I chose Math Revolution because their score guarantee is one of the highest and they are much more affordable than most other private tutoring options out there. This was a GREAT experience overall - I improved my quant score from a 47 to a 51 in a little over six weeks.

Pros - The private tutoring comes with access to the GMAT club tests and the online video lessons. This provided a perfect study combination as I would do self-study with the online videos and would practice the GMAT club tests and then used my private tutoring time to review the problems I was not able to solve. The Math revolution course combined with the tutoring helped me build confidence as I learned how to tackle some of the hardest problems and also learned how to guess intelligently for problems I didn't know how to solve. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the quant section or by the expensive tutoring prices out there, Math Revolution is a great option to consider. I had used the Manhattan Guides, Magoosh Prep, and the Official Guides but was unable to push my quant score into the 49-51 range until I did the Math Revolution course.

Cons - The only con for this course is that not all tutors are native english speakers so if you are a native english speaker, it is important to be patient. This did not interfere with the math instruction, but good to know for anyone purchasing the course.

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August 30, 2016

Hi, congrats on the great score. I got Q44 on my last attempt. I am thinking of buying this course but there aren't enough reviews. Do you think it would be sufficient if I just bought the online course and not the private tutoring to hit 49-50? Also, what did you use for verbal?

Thanks in advance

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