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Thanks Math Revolution for an 11 point increase in Quant!


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Course Math Revolution Private Tutoring

Instructor Jae Baek

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The Math Revolution team has been invaluable in my GMAT preparation, and it was through their hard work and dedication that I was able to increase my quant score from 39 to 50 which raised my score from a 680 to 740!

I had already been preparing for the GMAT several months before I went to Math Revolution and had completed the entire Manhattan Prep Interact course, worked with two different private tutors from Manhattan Prep, completed the entire Veritas Prep Live online course, twice, and all of the accompanying course materials for both programs to no avail.

I am an English Literature and Language major and have worked as an English teacher for the last 5 years, so the Verbal section really did not give me much difficulty, but what set Math Revolution apart from Manhattan Prep and Veritas is that Math Revolution simply taught me all the math I had forgotten since middle school.

In my experience Manhattan Prep taught me a lot of little tricks that I could use for specific questions and Veritas taught me to “logic” my way through math, but both of these approaches were exceedingly exhausting and only provided middling results. For the rest of you Liberal Arts majors, in my experience there is nothing more difficult than 8th grade Algebra on the GMAT so don’t shy away from the calculations. It is much easier to write down a basic algebraic equation than to “consider what it means to be a multiple of 2.”

It is doubtful that anyone coming to Math Revolution will come with a lower ability to do calculations than myself, and the benefit I got from Jae, my tutor, was his ability to very simply and efficiently show me how to create and solve the basic equations the GMAT requires. The man has the patience of a saint as he steps you through the math and reasoning behind the math. Very often I would look down at my half-page-long calculation and compare it with his two-line calculation on the board, and more often his explanations were infuriatingly simple, but that is exactly why you hire a GMAT tutor to explain and show you how to answer the questions in the most simple and efficient way. By the end of our tutoring sessions, I was solving most questions at or under a minute.

A big component of Math Revolution’s teaching philosophy is reviewing and resolving. I would typically resolve a missed question 3-4 times until the steps and the calculations were permanently etched in my memory, and since the type of questions the GMAT tests is quite narrow, you start to see patterns emerge as you continuously review. While my previous tutors and programs also stressed review, none of them held me as accountable for the review as Math Revolution.

I’m not going to lie, for me it was hard work. At one point I was doing an entire practice set a day while reviewing and resolving all of the missed questions from the previous day, but for all of the work I put in I know the Math Revolution team put in more. I hope that your GMAT journey is not as arduous as mine was, but know that whatever effort you put into your studies, Math Revolution will match and exceed. Thank you Jae, Max, and JH for your dedication and reassurance throughout my GMAT journey; I could not have achieved my goal without you all.

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