June 12, 2020

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Focus on core questions and innovative approach powers 750


Improvement 50 Points

Course Math Revolution Private Tutoring

Instructor Hee Jean K

Location Berlin, Germany

When I contacted Math Revolution about tutoring, I had just completed the GMAT exam and scored a 700. I had been studying very hard and was disappointed that my score wasn't where it needed to be. I want to target top US business schools which all have averages around 730.

When I got started with Math Revolution, and tutoring with Hee Jean, I knew that the course was going to power an improvement in my score. The variable approach to data sufficiency questions helped me move efficiently through questions and the IVY approach for problem solving cleared up some calculation errors I had been having.

But what really powered my improvement was a Q49 was the unrelenting focus on the core concept in GMAT (Integers, Statistics, Probability, Inequalities and Absolute Values. These questions come up again and again on the test and Math Revolution drilled these questions so thoroughly that I knew whatever the test could throw at me, I would be able to solve it.

I greatly enjoyed my sessions with Hee Jean as we went through topics together and he helped me understand concepts I was having problems with. I have no doubt that this tutoring drove a significant upside in my score.

I highly recommend the course and the tutoring to all of those who are seeking to gain that extra edge.

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