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Shaifali and SBC put me in B-School against the odds!


I was in an immense state of flux in early 2017 and took and impetuous decision to apply to B-school in July with zero prep. I had been working with Shaifali and SBC on the plan ahead package, but had done precious little to actually move my candidacy forward. All I had was a badly skewed GMAT score of 750 (Q47, V47) with my quant score at 65th percentile. Shaifali was exceedingly patient with me but also encouraged me to apply in 2017 - she was pragmatic about the fact that I wasn't getting any younger (I will be nearly 30 at matriculation) and agreed to help me do 7 R1 applications at short notice. I finally took the GMAT on 20th August, 2017 and gave her only 2 weeks to look into my HBS materials and 2 weeks thereafter for SGSB, Kellogg, Booth and Wharton. Then she held my hand through Tuck (again 2 weeks' notice) and then CBS.
Shaifali is scrupulously professional and turns things around super fast, she worked through the labor day weekend to help me turn in my materials on time. She also helped me pare down and give direction to my rambling soliloquies which went on to become decent essays. She is vocally critical in a surprisingly nice and measured fashion when she doesn't like what you've churned out. Also, writing the essays with her is great interview prep in itself, she makes you introspect about your career, your aspirations and your personality and articulate these things such that you know your mind so much better going into interviews. I am extremely grateful to Shaifali for the 2 admits I secured, without her, the way things were, I would be cooling my heels in the zero admit club.
Also a word for the superlative materials made available by SBC and their staff and co-coordinators who are always co-operative and responsive, I never faced any administrative hassles. Thank you, SBC and Shaifali.

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