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May 08 | 2013
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I'm going to be honest here. I was really wary of using admissions consultants at the beginning of the process. I had a pretty strong profile, for top 5-10 schools, but knew I would be a bit of a stretch at top 3. (Female, 3 years consulting experience at a reputable firm, 680 GMAT, 3.7 GPA).

Once I decided that it was a worthwhile investment, I was the girl who did my fair share of due diligence. I'm pretty sure I interviewed every major firm out there, and came armed with a thousand questions. I decided to work with Stratus Prep because I really liked their super indepth process. My initial meeting was with Shawn, their ceo who made me feel really confident about my chances at Stanford, which was my dream school. With their help, I was able to get into Stanford, Kellogg, and Booth.

I would definitely recommend working Samantha, my counselor. She was an excellent guide, and also a great friend when I got really stressed out a couple of times throughout the process. Her responsiveness to emails, thoughtful ideas, attentiveness to details in my many essay reviews, and confidence in me as an applicant made a huge difference, and I am really thankful for my experience with her, and the whole team.

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