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Manhattan GMAT offers a fantastic array of resources, programming, instructors, and encouragement. After eight practice tests fluctuating in range from 600-690 (hoping for a 700 at least), I walked into the testing center with the confidence that I knew what to do because I was prepared. I scored a 740 (Q49/V42) with perfect scores in AWA and IR and I could not be more thrilled ... it's still sinking in, to be perfectly honest.

Not only did Manhattan GMAT provide the instruction and resources for me to succeed, but I genuinely felt that by test day, I had a strong strategy on how to take the test. I learned the way to be strategic about skipping questions and understand how the test writers wrote questions that seem horrendous at face value but can easily be solved within two minutes with the right skills.

Additionally, even though I prepared with a self-guided study, any time I interacted with the instructors, I knew that they truly cared about my success on the GMAT.

I couldn't have done it without the team at Manhattan GMAT. I will recommend Manhattan GMAT to anyone preparing for business school.

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