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I started studying for GMAT in June 2015, planning to apply to business school in Fall 2016. I have a Masters degree in engineering, so quant was not a concern for me. English is not my first language. I was looking for Verbal focused course, and landed Manhattan GMAT's website. Since I have plenty of time to prepare, so I didn't want to stress myself out with the intensive course schedule, and decided to go with the interactive route to study at my own pace. I made a study plan at the beginning of each week to help keep myself staying on track. I studied about 1-2 hours per night on week days on average, and 3-4 hours on Saturdays, and didn't affect any of my extracurricular activities. I took a MGMAT CAT in the first week, and scored a 620, took the 2nd CAT a month later: 640, a 3rd CAT a month later: 650, and a 4th one 2 month later: 680. My Verbal went from 31-35, Math from 45 to 48. A week before exam I took a GMAT Prep Exam, and scored 760. So from my experience MGMAT CAT is harder than official questions. I took my exam at the end of October, and scored a 730 (38V+50Q).

The preparation took about 4.5 months, as I mentioned before, I had a pretty relaxed study plan, and still slacked off from time to time, there are weeks I only studied 2-3 days. MGMAT Interactive Verbal was almost the only material I really used. I followed through the course, and completed all the homework. I did all the Math problems on OG, but only got through about 1/3 of OG Verbal questions. MGMAT Interactive has helped my immensely, I credit all my improvement in Verbal (from 31 to 38) to it.

MGMAT Interactive is efficient, effective, flexible, and entertaining. Comparing to online and in classroom sessions, I think I could get more out of the interactive course, since it allows me to study at my own pace, so I don't have to worry about not finishing all the homework.

Bottom line: I highly recommend MGMAT Interactive, especially if you are starting early, and don't want to exhaust yourself over a long period of exam prep.

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May 29, 2017

Thanks for the detailed review of Interact Course - verbal.

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