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I Improved 110 points in just 4 weeks!!


Improvement 110 Points

Course Manhattan Prep MGMAT Interact

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This course is honestly great. You can take it as quickly or as slowly as you like as there are no live classes. Everything is pre-recorded and interactive so tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. It's also divided up into many sub-sections within Verbal, Quand, and IR. This means that you have the possibility to focus on just certain bits of the GMAT (even though I would recommend going through the whole course. I completed it in 4 weeks but I must honestly say that this was working at least 3 hours a day. I wish I had had more time to fully enjoy this course and do it over 3 months. It would have allowed me to practice more and use some of the extra resources that Manhattan Prep offers as part of the course (extra practice questions etc). I did however add 110 points to my previous score so I was very satisfied.
There are 6 CAT exams which are really useful to get used to the exam and also to see how you improve as you complete the course. One great thing as well, is that they have articles on time management which I found really useful because they give you special techniques of how to keep track of time as you do the exam (this is something I really struggled with initially), and how to use your whiteboard in the most efficient way given the time constraints.
Quant: I learnt some great techniques to go faster and how to recognise specific types of questions and strategies to go about them. MPrep Interact also often provides different strategies and let's you choose which one you prefer because it acknowledges the fact that we don't all go about math problems in the same way.
Verbal: I thought verbal was the best section of this course so if you're looking to improve your verbal score then I'd really recommend this MPrep Interact. It goes through everything you need to know for SC and RC but more importantly it has helped me recognise when the GMAT tries to catch you out, especially on the toughest questions which I found were in the CR section of the exam.
Overall I highly recommend this course, especially if like me you like to organise your studying with your own schedule and take more or less time depending on which sections of the exam you wish to focus on. I wouldn't recommend it however if you're looking to do it in just a few weeks like me, it's possible but really not much fun! If you're not an organised person, then maybe courses with actual live tutors would be more suited. I didn't buy the paper books, just the online PDFs that are included for free and that was fine! They're really useful (unlike the OG book that really is not enough to do well on the exam!)

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