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Consultant: Liza Weale

I am an international applicant recently admitted to my dream program at my dream school, the LGO program at MIT Sloan with its amazing dual-degree offering. I was more nervous than the standard candidate because I set my heart on this program and didn't apply to any other schools. I tried out Liza's free thirty-minute consultation while still writing my application and was blown away by her friendliness and research into the program I was pursuing. The most valuable aspect of that talk was the candor with which she told me some of my ideas didn't make sense and encouraged me to revisit them. She didn’t shy from speaking the hard truth and the constructive criticism allowed me to shine. After being invited for an interview, I happily sprung for an interview prep session with Liza which really boosted my confidence and allowed me to walk into the interview without fear.
Liza was extremely methodical in her approach to helping me. She assigned me some homework and while I was focused on that, she did a thorough study of my application and my candidacy before we met for an in-person interview. During the mock, she played the role of my interviewer and afterwards, she shared her notes and provided feedback on how I could have answered the questions better. During the actual interview, I could hear her voice guiding me and reminding me the best ways to express myself. She helped me put my best foot forward to get the result I wanted.
Liza was helpful, friendly, graceful and full of positive energy. She helped me express all the passion I felt for the program in a fluid, cohesive manner. I am so grateful for this opportunity provided to me, and I could not have done it without Liza's help.

Thank you Liza for everything!

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