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June 06 | 2013
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Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I applied to 4 top schools in Canada in R-3 this year and I am already accepted by one of them- Schulich.

Thank you , Poonam for your invaluable help. The essays revised by you played a key role when Schulich reviewed my files. You guidelines made me dig into my memories and experiences to get the right content for my essays. Also, you helped me eliminate unnecessary details and information. My chosen stories might not have been the best ones, but you turned them into the ones that best represented me. The sample essays on your website helped a lot by giving me directions for each paragraph.

Also, your editing helped me focus on a particular point in each paragraph so that the story can be effectively told. I could see you are very good at this by trimming down one of my essays from 739 to 400 words. When writing essays, I was used to writing many more words than necessary to give you as much information as you might need. You might have found difficulties on these long essays, and I am sorry about that. The sentences revised by you were varied and expressed my ideas effectively. You effectively used one precise word to replace what I took three words to say. That helped trim down my essays a lot. Punctuation marks, comma, semicolon, colon etc. were effectively used for various purposes, such as emphasis and distinction. Since I made errors on prepositions very often, your careful review on every word was much appreciated.

And, yes, you did a great job on the turn-around time. I would rather say I was the one who slowed down the editing process. Thank you very much for your patience. Also, I would say I made a smart choice by availing your resume services as well, so all parts of my application package, including recommendation, letters presented my candidacy in the best light. Even my weak areas such as employment gap and suspension were carefully portrayed, so they didn't affect my admission prospects.

I have already received accept offer from Schulich, and I am positive that I will receive interview invite from Ivy Richards, Rotman, and De Groote as well. Poonam, I will get back to you with some more essays for international change program in my second year of MBA.

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