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May 04 | 2014
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Consultant: Poonam Tandon

I always feared to sign up with a consultant until I met you. In fact, I thought that I wouldn’t find someone who would understand me and help me the way you did. I truly valued each moment of working with you. It was amazing to have someone who is more dedicated to my success than I was. Poonam you’re the best consultant I know.

You’re a master story teller. Before I signed up for school review, I didn't have any clue about how to deliver my story in the most compelling way. Your suggestion and guidelines on each essay’s first edit gave me enough information that helped me correct my mistakes and restructure my story.

Your structure for essays and recommendation letters were well defined and easy to follow. I think that you did a great job specifically with this part which on my hand helped me to write my essays quickly. I also noticed and appreciated your suggestion on recommendation letters. In fact, you nicely and smartly forced the recommenders to write a compelling recommendation by answering the questions asked instead of skimming through the questions.

I was particularly pleased that you always trimmed my essays down to word-limit and were still be able to picture the most important parts of my story. You helped me to understand that a long essay doesn’t always make a compelling essay. It’s all about structure and how to use words wisely. You chose the words concisely and smartly. Your use of grammar was impeccable. I had a friend read my essay and she couldn't find any grammar mistake (she’s very good in English grammar). ☺

I was especially impressed with your turn around. You’re the most dedicated person in turning around your edits and you have good time management skills. In fact, I am the bad one. ☺.

This week, I have received admit from Cornell with a scholarship. I have also interviewed with Wisconsin .

I received a full Consortium fellowship from U of Wisconsin which includes stipend and healthcare.

I decided to join the Badgers ( University of Wisconsin )

Thank you for your dedication, time and help. You helped me to believe that I can do it even with a below 600 GMAT score !!

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