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myEssayReview was suggested to me by Rajat Sadana of e-Gmat. I wanted to work with someone who understands an Indian applicant especially because my profile is quite different from other Indians’ profiles. Hence myEssayReview became an easier choice.

In the free consultation, Poonam suggested that I should discuss my passion for making the school education more reasoning- based from the current marks -oriented. She also suggested that I should write about ‘Raising a Mathematician’ that I had co-founded to develop research attitude in Math among school students. The half hour call strengthened my conviction to share my teaching experience and my passion for education. I signed up for one school package, and we started working.

In the initial essay draft, I was more concerned about number of words but realized from your comments and suggestions that I had not articulated my story because I was restricting myself due to word count. So in the next draft, I didn’t worry about the number of words. I was surprised to see that she downsized the essay from 890 words to 750 words without compromising on any key details of my story. There was a huge difference between the first draft and the final essay. Final essay has better clarity and brevity. She helped me build a strong resume that showcased my professional accomplishments, voluntary work, and other skills and interests effectively and succinctly. Her guidelines on the LORs were also spot on. Her turnarounds were less than 24 most of the times. In some cases, she reverted to me in a couple of hours. It was quickest near the deadline. I think the turnaround time was amazing considering the different time zone in which I was located.

Poonam is very professional and knows her work extremely well. The essay edits are very thoughtful and command over English makes a lot of difference to the essays. I am very happy to have selected myEssayReview for my application. I am happy to say that I have been accepted into Michigan State University for Ph.D. in Managerial Accounting with full scholarship, good stipend, and an additional scholarship of $ 4000 given to the best incoming student. Thanks, Poonam.

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