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Accepted into Haas, Kellogg PT program. Thanks to Poonam of MER


tl;dr version: I worked with Poonam during winter 2020 on three applications, so far I have gotten into two of those schools (Haas and Kellogg) for MBA and awaiting results from Booth. Poonam was insightful, encouraging, and disciplined in her approach towards bringing out the authenticity and originality in my story within set deadlines. A master of her craft, she was uncompromising on the quality of output and I would gladly recommend her to any prospective MBA student aiming at the world's top schools. Thank you, Poonam, you're AWESOME!

Slightly longer version:
I was introduced to MER by a friend who had recommended Poonam as he had hired Poonam to get into Haas in past.

Intro: We had an hour of introductory chat detailing my purpose, the profile, reasoning for choosing schools and by the end I decided to hire Poonam as well for a 3xschool package.

Essays: Poonam asked me to write about the why behind my dreams and she sieved out the purpose from my life stories to knit together a compelling narrative. I was surprised that how she approached in solving problems in a structured manner while adhering to strict timelines, holding me accountable and setting examples of good quality work through action.
Poonam pushed me when it was required and let me write things I felt were more "me". We had disagreements too but in the end they led to constructive work which in the end only helped me bring out a polished application.

Resume: We went through 1-2 rounds of resume review improving on the overly-engineering descriptions of my experience.

Interview prep: A round of mock interview session, followed by written and verbal feedback. This helped iron out a few issues that I was overlooking. Very helpful in the end calming my nerves.

Follow-up: Poonam followed up about my applications after their submissions and also helped me write scholarship application essays.

I don't do the recommendation things in writing for any service ever, but getting into Kellogg and Haas was my dream and I feel that other's could benefit from my story.
Thank you, MER and Poonam!

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