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Jennifer Rocks!
September 29 | 2016
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After sitting the GMAT twice and scoring V32 and V30, I was quite disheartened. I dropped the idea of applying in R1 and planned to take a break from study. Thats when my friend recommended me to to work with a private tutor to diagnose the issue. I had only 21 days to re-sit the test and to apply in my dream school for R1 admissions, so I had to act fast.
I looked for a few private tutoring options such as Manhattan, Veritas prep, Manhattan Review before signing up for Optimus Prep. Cassandra from optimus prep was very helpful and agreed to organise a free trial session. While the first instructor assigned to me was good, I didnt feel that instructor was the right fit. I was looking for a tutor who can help me in trouble shooting my weakness and formulating an on-spot solution immediately. Thats when Cassandra offered me another trial session with Jennifer.
Immediately after the session, I knew that she is the right tutor for me. During the first session itself, she tried to understand my weaknesses and create a strategy to resolve them. She is not only a great GMAT verbal expert(evident from her perfect GMAT verbal score) but also a great teacher. She is very smart, a great listener and always looking for ways for me to improve. She understood my problem with the timing, problem that many non-native English speakers face and worked with me through a lot of practice tests. I signed up for a 12 hours course with her, and we were catching-up almost every day till the day of my test.
Above all, she is very friendly and easy to approach to for any question. She even gave me some useful tips in the quant section. I can safely say that she was the most important reason for my score improvement from V30 to V39 in less than 20 days. I would highly recommend anyone(native or non-native English speaker) to work with Jennifer from Optimus Prep to identify and improve on your verbal weaknesses!

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