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November 14 | 2016
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This review is for: Optimus Prep™ Private Tutoring
Taught by: George

I purchased the 23-hours online tutoring which also included the On Demand course. I had done another online prep course before this and was testing in the 720 range on all practice tests. My first official GMAT attempt was a 710 (47Q, 40V), and my second attempt four weeks later was a 740 (48Q, 45V).

Firstly, the On Demand course was very extensive and I feel like it was helpful overall. The videos are good on content and OK on presentation. The robotic voice can get a bit tiresome. The question bank is HUGE. Seriously, thousands of questions. There is some overlap obviously as there are a finite number of concepts on the gmat. A few of the questions are flawed or have bad explanations and based on the comments you can leave multiple students have discovered that. Those mistakes are never fixed or addressed by the company so that is frustrating.

Secondly, my online tutor was George. He was extremely nice and very patient with me. I improved my Quant from around a 44 to a 48 on the official exam. The statement that your tutor will monitor your coursework and adjust your course of study accordingly is false. Mine never did that. I don't know if he ever even looked at anything I did on the On Demand course. We mainly just did a plethora of practice problems for hours and hours. While I feel like this was helpful in some ways, in many ways the GMAT is all about strategy once you get to a certain threshold. We very rarely talked about strategy and I was forced to look elsewhere for that type of stuff. All-in-all, I don't feel like the live tutoring really helped at all. You can do practice problems and read the explanations of answers yourself... Having someone explain it aloud is not particularly beneficial. That said, I want to emphasize that George was very nice. However, the method was not great and I was expected to diagnose my weaknesses myself.

I want to give two warnings. First, don't expect to get your money back with the score guarantee unless you have TONS of free time. You have to answer every question in the question bank to even be eligible for this. You do the math... with thousands of questions, and an average of 2 mins per question, will you have time in your life/prep to complete them all? Second, DO NOT adopt a "more is better" mentality regarding practice problems. Only by forcing myself to stop doing tons of practice problems and instead focus on being flawless at basic concepts did I improve to 740. Really break down every single problem and know WHY you got it wrong (or right) and think about WHAT the test writers are testing here. They can only test so many things and you can learn them so well that you start to think like the test writers.

In conclusion, overall I feel like I did get some value out of the course. However, I think the On Demand course would have given me the same benefit for much less money. Maybe more experienced tutoring companies will give a different experience.

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