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The curriculum, classes, and professors are what you would expect out of an MBA program. The professors are experts and very knowledgeable, though not always the greatest at making a topic accessible to everyone. Said has a strong social enterprise brand that will play nicely to your career goals if you are headed that direction. For those interested in Finance, the optional Finance Lab track (additional classes, networking sessions, and competitions) is a must. Last, being located in Oxford University is an unparalleled opportunity, and a great CV boost.
There still are a few growing pains with a massive bureaucracy (5 systems to check to keep up on assignments/class content) and a weak Careers team. Not sure there's much that can be changed about the bureaucracy, but Careers is in the process of turning things around under the new director from LBS. Highly recommend having your own application plans and network for getting in the door. Careers will offer great support post-interview offer, but getting in the door is mostly up to you.

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Student body, diversity


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Social Enterprise

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Alumni Network

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