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5+ Star Review for Emma Bond


I took the premium package service with Emma Bond. I received offer from my number one target – LBS. Overall, my experience working with Emma has surpassed my expectation.

Emma is a superb writer. As a former admissions director who has reviewed hundreds of thousands of applications, she knows exactly how to turn your thoughts into words that the admission officers like. Her use of words is beautiful but concise. I often struggle with the word limit, and every time she was able to help me get down to the requirement without impacting the depth of meaning I wanted to convey. Sometimes I even felt that I only needed to simply write down my thoughts and Emma would always have the magic to turn them into pieces of art.

Emma helps you come up with the right story. We had a brainstorm session for each school that I applied and each session was a pleasant for me. Emma is a good listener and helps you identify the spotlight in your story. She also has great attitude. I remembered I wanted to change the entire logic and structure of my HBS essay midway through the process and she had no complaint about it. She worked diligently with me on that essay and we were able to achieve a satisfactory piece of work in the end.

Emma is professional and responsive. I remember even when she was in the middle of her vacation at a place where WIFI is super limited, she still got back to me as soon as she can. At normal times, she returned work within 1 day even though the official turn-around requirement is 2 days. It really helped me achieve tight timeline. Additionally, many other consultants usually took recommendation letters lightly, but Emma spent time with me and my recommender to come up with the right materials in application.

If you’re applying to LBS, Emma is no doubt THE best consultant you can find in the market. As a former admissions director, she knew the inside out of LBS. She still maintained direct contact with insiders. I was not very confident after my 1-on-1 interview, and she was able to ask feedback from the current admissions director which gave me a huge comfort. Emma knows exactly what LBS looks for and will give you the best chance to get that offer.

Finally, Emma prepares you well for interviews. The LBS video interview is tricky and high demanding as it requires candidates to respond promptly on the spot. Emma went through the interview process with me twice and made me confident enough to face the challenge. I still remembered the feeling when I was doing the real thing – I felt calm, well prepared, and excited to answer the questions.

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