April 30, 2015

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Eric and I solely reviewed my candidacy for my MBA programs and worked on how to approach application questions. The result: I was accepted in my dream school (Sloan).

Throughout the process, Eric helped me because he:
1) helped me understand my profile's strength and weaknesses
2) unfolded the questions that the schools were asking.
3) was incredibly timely in getting back to my questions.

Note that I was under the deadline gun in many situations and Eric was a champ in getting back to me faster than the standard 2 days.

The only challenge was that I came from an engineering background whereas Eric seemed to have more experience with candidates with more traditional backgrounds. This wasn't a big issue - we just got hung up on minor details.

I would recommend Eric - he was very helpful but did not write anything for me and I took ownership of the applications. Read the mbaMission book, Eric goes by many of its suggestions and it pays to have read it ahead of time.

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