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I have zero regrets about coming to Ross. Sure, I may have complaints from time to time (mostly about how it feels like the admissions team treats you better than the MBA program office does), but I don't think that's anything damning against (or even specific to) Ross.

It's cliche to say, but I really do think the best part of Ross is the community. I don't like all my classmates, but I appreciate who they are. There is no singular type of person who comes here, but I think it would be easy to identify someone who doesn't mesh as well - hard to put into words, just something you can sense is off/"isn't like the others" (and I don't mean that disparagingly against that person). It all comes down to fit... no matter what school you're interested in, visit the campus/talk to the students and see if it's a fit for YOU (not the other way around).

I had a personal interest in social impact, which despite its growing popularity can still be a somewhat rarity amongst the Type A B-School crowd, but not here. It's almost rarer for someone to not that be at least a tertiary interest. Just another element that makes me feel so at hoMe at Ross.

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