January 08, 2014

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My experience with Eric Hollowaty was nothing short of EXCELLENT! After a friend recommended working with MBAmission, I spoke with Eric and decided to start by paying hourly for general advice and brainstorming. I quickly realized the value he was able to offer and purchased the start to finish packages. To truly get the most value from your package, I highly encourage applicants to begin working with consultants as soon as possible and leave as much time for brainstorming and essay revising as you can.

During our brainstorming, Eric genuinely wanted to get to know me and was able to point out strengths and weaknesses about myself I had not considered. Eric spoke to me about things both on and off my resume and encouraged me to include an extracurricular hobby I had not previously planned to – he was right, all of my interviews wanted to talk about it.

Eric was able to take an outside, objective view and offer invaluable advice on how to meaningfully tie my experiences together, which truly brought my application to life. I had initially planned to use similar essays for all of my schools, but Eric was able to advise me on the intricacies of each school and how I could address them in my essays – particularly for HBS, his alma mater. Eric was very honest and pointed out which lines on my resume were not substantive and what parts of my essay were just fluff.

Eric was also instrumental in helping my recommenders – (non-typical business school recommenders) – who were struggling to differentiate between valuable insight and just re-listing my resume.

More personally, Eric is a really nice and positive person who genuinely wants to help his clients.

In summary, I got into all four top-5 schools to which I applied, and I could not have done it without Eric’s help!

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