March 07, 2014

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Lynn does not have as many reviews as other Mbamission consultants, which is surprising, because she is fantastic!

Lynn helped me with two top schools and one joint degree program. All of them were beyond my wildest dreams and I am proud to say I got into all three programs. My favorite parts about working with Lynn were (1) while you brainstorm for your essays, she helps to pinpoint your best stories and identify themes. These notes aid you in the self reflection exercise that's required for MBA applications. (2) She never steals your voice! She will point out areas where she does not think your message is coming through, and push you to edit in a way that enables the Admissions Committee to hear the stories as you want them to be heard. At the end of the day, however, my applications were my applications. They represented the strongest and clearest communication of my voice, my thoughts, my achievements, my words.

I am honored to have worked with Lynn, and so thankful to be attending my dream school in the fall!

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