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Eric Hallowaty at mbaMission - Highly Recommend!!


Selecting Eric Hallowaty was one of the best decisions in my life. He was an invaluable asset and instrumental to helping me to get into several top business schools.

Going into the application process, I wanted to make sure I chose the right admissions counselor to guide me in such a significant (and stressful) few months. I spent an enormous amount of time reading through most GMAT Club reviews on admissions consultants, and ended up choosing mbaMission after doing several 30 minute free consultations. The biggest differentiating factor for me was that mbaMission is the only consulting company whose consultants work full-time for them; thus they are constantly immersed in applications and have the most expertise.

Coming from a finance background, Eric was the perfect fit for me, having also worked in finance. Eric’s biggest strengths are 1) his logical train of thought and 2) his straightforward demeanor. While brainstorming, Eric has an innate ability to distill my verbose stories and anecdotes, and was immediately able to grasp the main concepts, and followed up with insightful questions. Additionally, I appreciated his honest opinion and feedback on my essays. When he didn’t think a story or an approach would work for the essay, and would lead to a dead end, he wouldn’t sugarcoat his opinions in an effort to appease me; he would directly tell me that he would approach it a different way. This allowed me to put forth my most effective essay.

Eric was instrumental in guiding me through the application process; from brainstorming the best approach to an essay to making sure my essay logically made sense, he was a true difference maker. If I had to repeat the process, I would choose Eric again in a heartbeat. I would full heartily recommend Eric for anyone applying to business schools, especially from a finance background. It’s one decision you won’t regret!

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