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I could not speak more highly about working with Liza. I was referred to her by a friend who had used her Round 1 in the same year (I worked with her for Round 2). After doing intro calls with 3-4 consultants it was immediately clear to me that the two of us clicked and she would be the ideal consultant for me to work with. Her spots fill up fast, so if you are interested I would definitely recommend getting a spot with her as soon as possible.

Liza made the very daunting task of answering abstract questions like "What else should we know about you?" and "What matters most?" very personal and attack-able. Her approach makes you actually look within yourself to really think about the right answer. She's incredibly good at asking you questions about how you feel, and then helping dissect that into a key theme or two that make for a great essay and hold true to the person that you actually are.

You'll begin by assembling a detailed brainstorming document. While this does take time, it is well worth the investment. From this, you'll be able to work with Liza to figure out a whole range of potential essay topics, and what's more, you'll also be able to recycle this work for your short answers on the application and also for stories on the interview. It is well worth the time.

In terms of essays, Liza provided appropriate guidance and feedback at all levels. Before I got going writing, we'd make sure there was at least an underlying theme that could be a good essay, so we'd avoid wasting time on a bad topic. Then, she was very open and honest with feedback. Sometimes, she would think the initial draft was nearly complete. Other times, she would provide very specific and helpful feedback and it was back to the drawing board. It was clear that she spent significant time reviewing my essays, and combined that effort with her massive knowledge on MBA applications to help me write the best essays. Each time I would revise, I could tell that the essay was getting stronger, and I thought the end product was not only a great business school essay but also one that was uniquely me and did convey my personality and answer the question appropriately.

I know for a fact I could not have done this stressful process without Liza. She was there to hold my hand as much as I needed each step of the way, and more importantly gave me confidence in myself -- both as an applicant in general and specifically when it came to the application items we were creating together. I could not recommend her more highly. It is clear she pours her heart and soul into her clients and is a huge advocate for them. I greatly looked forward to each of our interactions. TWO THUMBS UP!

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