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Consultant Kim Leb

After unsuccessfully applying to business school during my senior year in college, I decided to recruit the assistance of a consultant to help me out the second time around. I reached out to a few consultants from other companies, and was met with the same disappointing reaction each time. Everyone I spoke to discouraged me from applying and recommended that I wait a few years given the fact that I was a fairly young applicant. I had completed my undergrad only 12 months earlier, and would only have 2 years of full-time work experience at the time of matriculation. I was just about ready to give up on my b-school dreams for the time being, until I spoke to Kim. She took the time to listen to my career goals and understand why I believed business school was the logical next step in my career. Kim wholeheartedly supported this decision and offered the much-needed encouragement to move forward with my b-school aspirations. She believed in me when nobody else did and guided me through the process from start to finish. I decided to go all in and purchased the complete packages, which proved to be a worthy investment given the numerous hours Kim dedicated to me. She did not give me unrealistic hope, but rather helped manage my expectations by shedding light on my areas of weakness and identifying strategies to overcome these threats to my candidacy. I could tell she was genuinely invested in my applications and took the time to help me select the schools that best aligned with my goals and priorities. She created a structured approach for this otherwise chaotic experience and held me accountable to our established timeline. With Kim’s guidance, I was able to craft a compelling story that was tailored to each program. What I especially appreciated about Kim was that she always provided honest, objective feedback. She did not hesitate to identify any deficiencies in my application materials and offer recommendations and insight into potential solutions. From editing essays, to proof-reading applications, to providing interview preparation, Kim served as my coach, mentor, and even therapist at times. Thanks to her, I was accepted into two top-ten schools, despite being four years younger than the average age. As an added benefit, both of these b-schools offered me a partial scholarship. I have no doubt that I would not have been able to accomplish this without the dedication, support and guidance that Kim provided.

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