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Consultant: Liza Weale

I worked with Liza from MBA Mission on 3 schools, and although I don't have a reference to compare my experience against, I do think that I couldn't have come up with such spot-on essays without Liza's help.

The process, I felt, was a very very involved one. There were many many iterations for every essay, and I'm talking 11 on an average and sometimes even 15 or 16. Liza worked with me very closely on them.

To sum up the process, we'd talk a bit about all the essays before we started to tackle writing them. We'd go through every question, and Liza would ask me questions (a lot of them) that really helped me search my life for relevant stuff that we could use. Liza would then tell me what she thinks about it – whether it's good enough or not, and why. She'd force me to seach harder and harder if she thought the story wasn't strong enough until I came up with something really strong.

Then, once we are settled on stories to write, the iteration begins. I'd come up with crap, and Liza would fix it. That would go on for 10-15 iterations until I had something awesome in hand. Liza was super-friendly, super-patient, and super-supportive through all the rejects – that actually helped a lot!

To sum it up, I'd recommend Liza very strongly. You can definitely count on her to bring out the best in you and then write it in a very compelling fashion.

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