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Consultant: Liza Weale

I was admitted into the Berkeley Haas full-time MBA program (class of 2015) with the help of Liza from mbaMission. I sought out a consultant because I was worried about a less-than-stellar history of extracurricular activities, although I felt that the rest of my profile was competitive.

From the moment I signed up for my free profile consultation, I found mbaMission to be far more responsive than the other admissions consultant firms I contacted, both big and small. Daniel (who conducted my initial profile review) and Liza (who became my consultant) always got back to me within 24 hours with responses to any questions I had.

Upon deciding to hire mbaMission for a one-school package, Liza initially helped me construct my detailed profile, including a set of unifying themes that would come to define my personal brand throughout the application. She had a knack for quickly recognizing which of my stories and anecdotes offered the most compelling framework for each essay response. When I had difficulty getting started on the ‘greatest accomplishment’ essay, she understood my profile intimately enough to suggest that I incorporate a particular, recent anecdote from my work experience – and it did not take me long to see that she was right. Throughout the entire application process, she continually provided professional, straightforward, and honest feedback and advice. Liza never let me get away with finalizing an essay before it was perfect. On the other hand, she simultaneously managed to be encouraging, personable, and warm. Although I got a slightly late start on my application (I didn’t start working with Liza until less than three months prior to the application due date), she kept me focused and made sure I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to reach the finish line on time.

Overall, my experience was positive and I would recommend Liza for anyone applying to b-school. While it is conceivable that I could have been accepted to Haas without the guidance of a consultant, Liza and mbaMission made the application process much more transparent and navigable than if I had gone it alone, saving me considerable time (due to fewer re-starts and less re-work on my essays) while giving me the confidence that I had submitted the strongest application possible given my profile. At worst it was an insurance policy and at best it was the difference between a ding and being accepted. Well worth the investment.

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