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Consultant: Monica Okrah

Looking back, it was a bold move to go after 3 out of the top 5 MBA programs with no safety schools behind, especially during a time when I just took on a challenging project at work. With 60-80 hour work weeks in addition to time needed for GMAT study, despite my strong desire for a top MBA, I would not have survived the grilling 6 months – hitting all the key milestones and finally matriculating to one of my dream schools, if it weren’t for Monica’s push, strategic guidance, and frequent encouragement along the way.

Monica is awesome, personally and professionally. With an MBA from HBS and a range of diverse and impressive experience, she speaks with credibility. On top of that, she is patient, relatable, incredibly insightful, and very compassionate, wonderful qualities of an outstanding admission consultant. The easiness to talk to her helped me open up myself and, in return, allowing her to help me identify the best examples of my life for the essays. She impressed me with her ability to introduce fresh perspectives and, more importantly, magically transform my drafts and breathe life into my stories, again and again. She tirelessly looked for ways to smartly package my life experience into persuasive and attractive presentations. Throughout the application process, Monica constantly challenged me to think outside the box, leading me to uncovered strengths and shining points I was never aware of, and helped me stay focused and on track during rough times.

Overall, for my 3 schools, she edited well over 90 iterations of my essays and applications. And I can’t remember how many my times I sought last minute feedback and she was able to quickly turn around her revisions.

From the start, I knew I needed a strategic adviser and accountability partner for my MBA application journey, end-to-end. Truth being told, I would not have got into one of the best business schools in the world, without Monica’s help. She pushed me to make my dream come true. :)

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