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July 21 | 2013
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Consultant: Angela Guido

Angela is incredible! I cannot thank her enough for all the assistance she had provided with my NYU Stern application. My deadline was May 15th. I started in late March and finished everything in less than two months. I would never have done this myself as I was also working full time and preparing for the GMAT in these two months. Angela was very patient, she worked with my schedule and helped me in every possible way.
With Angela's assistance, all my essays shaped up really well. She also helped me with my resume, work history, achievements and every other aspect of the application. With her assistance I was able to present myself at my best.

The initial brainstorming session was excellent. Angela pushed me to think out of the box to come with great ideas for my essays. She helped me to extract the hidden qualities in me which I never thought existed. Also she guided me to edit the essays and point out the mistakes. Being from a technical background my essays were initially looking very technical. She helped me to correct it in a way by avoiding all the jargons so that it look friendly to the adcom.

Because of my short timeframe I received a low GMAT score, a little below the mid 600s, which was not enough being an over represented demopgrahic, but i still decided to apply with the score. I'm proud to say that I got admitted in Stern even with the low score! I'm starting school this fall :) The main reason for this is because of the other aspects of my application, especially my three essays, for which I will give the full credit to Angela. She is very open and appreciates the good work but at the same time points out things that needs improvement.

If you are really serious in getting in to a business school and you don't have enough time to do your research/study for months and months, it is good to seek some professional help. You will be amazed to see how much difference it makes especially with somebody like Angela.

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