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April 12 | 2017
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Consultant: Liza Weale

Liza was an invaluable resource for my business school applications. Although parts of my profile are fairly typical for MBA applicants (I started in investment banking and currently work in PE), I also have a Master’s degree and worked at a family business. I needed to explain my non-linear career path and Liza helped me articulate the common themes that connected each of my decisions.

Liza came highly recommended to me by my friend at HBS. My conversation with Liza in my initial free consultation was honest and productive, confirming she was the right person for me. I ended up applying to four of the top five programs in the US and getting accepted to three of them. Liza guided me throughout the entire process – brainstorming, essay writing, recommender selection, and interview prep. She was candid in her feedback, clear in her directions and suggestions, and supportive. She challenged me to give more and highlighted what I did well to keep me motivated.

mbaMission structured the application process to help me stay on task and on schedule. They provided helpful materials to provide background and explain the different components of the application. The first assignment was a lengthy brainstorming exercise. The questionnaire took several hours to complete but became the source for essay topics, short answer responses, and interview answers used later. This questionnaire and the in-depth phone call helped Liza get to know me and refine the message I chose to communicate to schools.

I began my first essay with an outline then went through six iterations of my essay. Liza would comment on the drafts, asking for clarification or making suggestions on where I should dig deeper. She guided how the essay flowed but made sure I kept my own voice. After the first essay was close to finish, I began working on essays for other schools. These subsequent essays were much easier to write because I was able to leverage parts of my first essay and was more familiar with the essay-writing process. Liza was great in explaining why she made certain suggestions so I could use the same logic in other areas of my essays and applications going forward. In addition to the essays, Liza reviewed my resume and responses to the short answer sections of applications and mock interviewed me.

Choosing to work with Liza Weale was a great decision and I would make the same decision again. The MBA application process is full of highs and lows and Liza was there for it all. I’m grateful for Liza’s feedback and support. I strongly recommend working with Liza.

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