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Consultant: Liza Weale

I was very hesitant about spending the money on a consultant for business school. I was working in private equity, had a strong GMAT score & had a solid sense of who should do my recommendations; so, I questioned the value of a consultant for me (especially since I was only planning on applying to 1-2 schools w/ just a few essays). I am still not sure any other consultant would have been worth it, but Liza was absolutely incredible & I cannot imagine having done the applications without her.

At the end of the day, the business school apps are not that long – which means presenting your story in a genuine yet convincing manner is of upmost importance. Liza spoke with me on the phone, read through my brainstorm documents & seamlessly seemed to understand me. She pushed me on reflecting on my experiences, what motivated me & how that translated to my future goals. Without Liza, I think I may have submitted draft 3 of my essay and felt pretty good about – but with Liza’s third party perspective & guidance, the essay was able to get to a much deeper place (think draft 30!) to the point where I felt emotional as I read the essay over again, as I am not sure I have written anything that so truly captured me & my goals. I got into both of the schools I applied to (HBS and GSB) and I honestly am not sure I would be in either without Liza’s guidance.

Liza is fun, welcoming, and understanding, but gives sharp, pointed feedback – which turns into the perfect mix for a mba consultant, you enjoy every moment you work with her but also get real results (in an incredibly efficient way!). Can’t speak more highly of her & the experience I had. Far exceeded expectations and would highly recommend anyone to use her.

(Few more specifics – Liza did more than just the essays. She was also a great resource on helping frame my recommendations, aligning my short stories w/ my essays, and mock interview prep when I received interview invitations. The full end-to-end service! She tailors her feedback with school specific insights which were spot on)

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